with Dr. Joseph Abraham

Dear friends,

I would like very much to give and contribute both spiritually and culturally to my community. I do hope that my following endeavor will help me and my guests to wider our social circles and establish new friendships. With this in mind, I am offering a Modern Hebrew Speaking + Biblical Terms class 
(12-20 meetings) – free of charge. 

The content will serve a few purposes, so many interests can be served:

First, in order to have fun and get enlightened - we will explore the roots and the Hebrew meaning of a few common people’s names (i.e.: Judith, Samuel, Benjamin) or places’ (i.e. Hebron, Nazareth, Bethlehem) as well as phrases in the holy scripts. Come with your wish-list!

Second, the participants will learn how to understand a basic conversation in Hebrew, so as a future traveler to Israel, one may feel 'at home'. 

Last but not least, the course will provide enough opportunities to see the connection between the language and the culture, so an exchange of views regarding the on-going political issues and behavioral tendencies of the people in this region could be enhanced.

       There is no charge for the class 

    Participants will be encouraged to donate to their congregation. 

The meetings will be held for 12-20 weeks at a location that 
would suit the participants.

To inquire / offer a new place and time
please send some details about your interest and your group